Custom Astronomy Filters

Two 200mm dia. medium band interference filters.

Two 200mm dia. medium band interference filters.

270 mm dia. medium-band interference filters.

270 mm dia. medium-band interference filters.

Since the advent and widespread use of CCD detectors in the 1990's, research astronomy has depended upon optical filters to obtain accurate, calibrated, and astrophysically interesting measurements. Whether obtaining images for broad band photometry, mapping narrow band emission line distributions, or obtaining spectral energy distributions in spectroscopic instruments, reliable, high quality, precision optical filters are a key component of the instrumentation.

Custom Scientific, Inc. has been dedicated to supplying research astronomers around the world with such optical filters and other optical components since 1990. Members of our team have worked on filters for a wide range of astronomical installations including WFPC/2 that is now in orbit in the Hubble Space Telescope. We have played a principal role in developing and refining many of the photometric filter systems in use today, including Johnson, Cousins, Bessell, Stromgren, Thuan-Gunn, Harris, IRWG Young-Milone, SDSS, tri-color RGB, DDO, Vilnius and BATC among others. Each filter is shipped with its own transmission spectrum in analog or digital format.

As CCD's have increased in size, and as cameras are utilizing ever-larger arrays of CCD's, the requirements for filter sizes are increasing. We are very experienced in these large format filters and some examples are shown on this page.

Also, please note that we also make mirrors, beamsplitters, dewar windows and many other optical components. Send us your specifications and we will send you a quote.

We do not have a published price list for the these optical filters because so many astrophysics observing programs tend to have custom requirements such as wavelength, bandwidth, redshift, size, and shape. Therefore, for pricing please contact us and we will quote you pricing based upon your specific requirements. If you want to consider lower-cost filters that are usually in stock, please check our list of standard filters, which includes the most common photometric and emission line bands in common sizes.

Please check out our Optics Cleaning Kit.

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