Custom Scientific, Inc.

Phone: 602-200-9200

A little about our Capabilities:

With over 25 years in the optics industry, our capabilities are multi-faceted. If it can be done, we can do it! Please take a look at our product pages, the pictures really showcase our expertise.

Engineering Design Services

Let us help you design your custom optical component.

Thin Film Design

We make sure you get the ultimate performance in reflection, refraction, anti-reflection and conductivity.

Custom Optical Components

Have a look at our custom glasswork page to get a sense of the large variety of precise specifications we can meet.

Quality Control

Optical Testing and inspection is done on every component we sell. We can meet all military specification standards. (aka "MIL-STD" "MIL-SPEC")

Spectral Analysis

We use our spectrophotometers to measure optical transmission data from the the UV out to 2.5 microns in the Infrared

Mounting and Assembly

Make it a little safer and easier to handle your optical components.