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About Custom Scientific, Inc.

Our business began with astronomy filters:

In 1990, research astronomers started coming to us to obtain high-performance, high-precision  telescope filters and optics. This was driven in part by the emergence of CCD imaging. At that time it was only large research institutions that could afford the $200,000 + costs associated with custom-building of such large format, digital cameras. Over many years, we perfected our skills and techniques in designing and manufacturing filters that are optimized to function with CCD cameras.

In the mid and late 1990's, as the costs of off-the-shelf CCD cameras dramatically declined so that amateur astronomers could own them, too, we found that those amateur astronomers were also coming to us to obtain high quality filters, just as their researcher "cousins" did. In response to that, we developed and stocked a series of commonly used filters. Although such filters when built for a research astronomer could cost thousands of dollars, by mass production techniques and minor changes in design we were able to lower prices often by more than half.

What we offer today:

Now we are world-renowned for our custom and off-the-shelf optics and interference filters. Scientists and engineers around the world rely on our expertise in optical system instrumentation for their astronomy, microscopy, high-performance imaging and spectroscopy. Optical filters for imaging is one of our specialties.

Our interference filters range from the vacuum UV, include the visible and encompass the far IR. Bandwidths can be as narrow as one Angstrom. Sizes range from four millimeters in diameter to 12 inches square. The transmission spectrum for each filter is shipped with the filter as a graphical printout and sent by e-mail as an ascii file for no additional charge.

Our custom-machined optics include large and small lenses, singlets and assemblies, mirrors, windows, and prisms. We can do flat and curved surfaces including spheres, paraboloids, and hyperboloids. They may be coated or uncoated. Check out our low pricing for Optical Flats!

If it can be done, we can do it!

Also, we make the world's only complete, portable Cleaning Kit for Coated and Uncoated Optics. Eight pages of instructions show the method to safely and effectively clean almost all optics and optical coatings.

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